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Precision Cut Tubing


Tubular Products manufactures small-diameter, electric-resistance-welded carbon steel tubing to precise ASTM A513 standards. We use a variety of hot-rolled and cold-rolled finishes, and a variety of steel grades. Our sizes range from 5/8" OD to 3" OD, and from 24 to 10 gauge wall. We also produce oval, rectangular and square metal tubing.


But a wide selection of tubing sizes and tubing metal is only part of the Tubular Products advantage. At Tubular Products, we eat our own cooking! That is, while we sell a lot of our tubing, we fabricate the rest in house. And that means that our tube mill personnel are not just familiar with tube bending and tube welding, they interact with those processes every day. Our tubing is good enough for you, only when it's first good enough for us.


Materials of Construction:
(Common selections listed. Others considered upon request.)

  • ASTM Type 1 Steel Tubing - Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRP&O)
  • ASTM Type 2 Steel Tubing - Cold Rolled Commercial Quality (CRCQ)
  • High Strength Low Alloy Tubing (HSLA)
  • Grade 50 Tubing (High Strength Tubing)
  • Galvanized Tubing
  • Drawing Quality Tubing
  • Half Hard Tubing
  • Full Hard, Stress Annealed Tubing
  • Special Chemistry Tubing


Cuts and Tolerances:
Tubular Products has both the equipment and the expertise to provide pre-cut tubing in almost any length and any precision your application requires. Our length capability spans from 1/4 inch to 52 feet. And our cut tolerance can reach as low as ten thousandths (.010) of an inch.

Cut Method Length Range Tolerance
Mill Cut 40 in. to 52 feet ± 1/16 in @ 140 in
Nick and Shear Cut (De-dimpled) 2 in. to 78 in. ±.020 in
Saw Cut 2 in. to 160 in. ± .020 in
LASER Cut 1/4 in. to 140 in. ± .010 in
Cut and De-Burr (Optional for any method) 6 in. to 78 in. N/A


Tube Sizes and Gauges:
Download our standard tube size chart. Standard sizes usually provide the most economical and readily available solution to your needs. But if the size you need isn't a standard today, just let us know. Maybe it can become a standard, tomorrow.