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Tubing | Structural tubing | Steel Tubing | Grab handles | Tube forming | Tubing bending

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Fabricated Components


We've been producing precision-fabricated tubular components for some of the world's largest and most well-respected OEMs for more than 25 years. In and of itself, that's testimony to our ability to punch, bend, swage, flatten, and form with the best of them. But the parts are just the start of what we can do to meet each customer's unique needs. From inventory management to value engineering, we bring a lot more to the table than merely making a part to print.


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Fins Frame Rails Hip Restraint Lift Arm Mower Handle ROPS


Examples of Fabricated Tubular Components: Examples of Tube Fabrication Operations:
Bent Tubes / Bent Tubing Tube Cutting
Desk Legs and Furniture Frames Tube Sawing; Tube Mitering
Grab Handles Tube Coping
Frame Rails Tube De-burring
Hip Restraints Tube LASER Cutting; Tube LASER Detailing
Mower Handles Horizontal Tube Bending
Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS) Rotary Bending; Mandrel Bending
Operator Protection Systems (OPS) Vertical Tube Bending
Tip Over Protection Systems (TOPS) Compression Bending; Crush Bending
Charpy Tested Tubular Components CNC Bending
Roll Bars Tube Push Bending; Tube Elliptical Bending
Canopy Supports Tube Swaging
Seat Frames Tube Flaring
Tubular Axles Tube Chamfering
Suspension Components Tube Drilling
Engine Mounts / Engine Sub-Frames Tube Thermal Drilling
Brush Guards Tube Punching
Tubular Bumpers Tube Notching
Control Arms and Control Handles Tube Forming; Tube End Forming
Cooling Fins Tube Beading; Tube Upsetting